At BeyondBasiks ,we believe that effective development requires a mixture of marketing flair, media analysis and technical expertise. Our internet solutions are driven by one key concept - "BUSINESS LOGIC."

Our aim is simple : To maximize the return on your investment by promoting increased sales of your products and reducing your business costs. As an experienced company , BeyondBasiks provides comprehensive solutions to the corporate and beyond.

We specialize in the following.

Computer Telephony Integration

Right now, a number of businesses from a large variety of industries are running their contact centres on our advanced call handling software.We provide complete turnkey solutions to companies with systems currently operating at many places. Interactive voice response (IVR) is what powers telephone banking, movie phone,and other automated services.

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Client Server Technologies

Client / Server technology is the computer architecture used in almost all the automated systems now being offered. We bring you many years of computer and network expertise together to form a client-oriented consulting company

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Internet Technologies

Beyondbasiks provides community and content application solutions for the internet. Static pages have been replaced by dynamic community and content management applications in recent years. Adding intelligence and interactivity to a community or a business web site became our main focus.

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